Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boys and Girls

Why the hell am I here ? Again !

Strobing lights. Loud bass. Hundreds of gay guys, dozens of straight girls, a few bi gals and me ! It's 5h00 am.

I feel this vibration going through my body, gently massaging the inside of me. The extacy's fading out, the speed will follow soon. I love this feeling. I want it to last forever.

I know that nobody will be able to talk to me for the whole week to come without me being rude, impatient and angry for no reasons. For days, I'll be this repulsive and stupid bitch. It's always like that. Like last time, this will be the last time I do these toxic drugs... until my next last time...

I'm sitting on this sticky fake leather couch. This girl has been looking at me for a while now. Your not my type baby. Sexy, but not for me. Here she comes... How is that possible ? Girls never come to me. She's walking in this very feminine, coquette way. She sits right next to me, smiles then says :

- Hello sexy boy !

What ? And what's up with that voice ? I can't believe my eyes, I can't believe my hears... This girl is actually a guy that thinks that I'm a man to.

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